Now dis is drama! Imagine if they did this in a square in Port of Spain…

Been gone for a bit, but still got love for y’all!

Here’s a fave video from Aswad.

How up front are you about your beauty and grooming practices? Are you bravely going to bed sans hair, teeth-whitening contraption in place, and a patchwork of calamine lotion on your face?

Does Keeping up The Illusion mean Keeping your Partner?

To me, banking in Trinidad and Tobago, is a horrific experience, but am I alone in this belief that banks are the spawn of Satan himself?

Banking in T&T: Irritating, Irritating, Irritating

I consider myself to be a true child of the islands. No matter where I go in this world, my roots will forever and nostalgically be planted in the warm soils of the Caribbean. If I’m being honest, however, the decisions that I have made about the kind of life that I now live are seemingly at odds (according to some) with my Caribbean upbringing.

Gay Abroad, Closeted at Home: How it Hurts

…my clichéd aspiration of being a globe trotter does not mesh with my periodic fear of the plane careening into the Atlantic, and the inconveniences that have become mainstays of flying.

Sugar Cake and Aloes: The Travellers’ Diaries

Whether it’s a house lime or work party, there are some cardinal sins to stay away from this season – either to save yuh from looking like the less appreciated relative of reindeers (an ass), or being automatically uninvited from future limes.

Things not to say at a Christmas Lime

Real pressed for time.

Full lineup:

Allyuh, exams in meh tail. Time allyuh get this ah bussin mih brains trying to remember what it is go on in de past 3 months. Wish me luck.

Friends also provide random company on any given evening to come and eat the groceries you just bought. It is a well-oiled machine when the relationship is intact, but when the breakup comes, what happens to the friends? Do they get split up? Who gets to keep who? 

Breakups: Who gets the Friends?

Boss Lady’s home video on why you should join Outlish. Click here for more info.

Sometimes I dream of installing a Mactruck’s horn in my hatchback, so that I could scare the living daylights out of discourteous and dangerous drivers (and de people who take dey time to cross de lights by City Gate). I also dream about ramming into them (de drivers, that is) just fuh spite. But on the roads, reality rules.

Vroom Vroom Horrors: Drivers who Piss me Off!

Guest writer Patrice Grell Yursik (aka Afrobella) on becoming an American citizen.

When I left my homeland of Trinidad and Tobago for Miami, Florida in 1998 I didn’t think to myself; “Say goodbye to your old life, Patrice. You’ll never live here again.” It wasn’t that serious.

It Happened to Me: I Became an American Citizen